Quebec association installs excellence award

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The Quebec Animal Nutrition and Grains Association (AQINAC) has installed an Award of Entrepreneurial Excellence which will be awarded annually to one of its members, mostly operating in the feed industry.

By creating this price for entrepreneurial excellence, the AQINAC rewards one of its members, a company whose work ethics and entrepreneurial qualities are recognized, either in small local communities, in a regional framework, in all of Quebec, Canada or internationally. This company stands out in Quebec agriculture and food industry or is globally recognized, and led by entrepreneurs in search of excellence,” says Christian Breton, chairman of the AQINAC.
In a world where markets are more open, more complex and more competitive than ever, members of the AQINAC believe that the future of agriculture and agri-food in Quebec specifically involves the promotion of entrepreneurial culture, or the desire to focus on innovation, competitiveness and performance to target economic growth and performance of business proper,Breton adds.
Evaluation criteria
Four criteria will be evaluated to determine the award recipient:
  1. Being attentive to the needs of consumers.
  2. Participate in innovation in the middle of Agriculture andagribusiness.
  3. Develop ways to target growtheconomic competitiveness, profitability and yield adequatehis company.
  4. Demonstrate an exemplary work ethic and be loyal to the values and mission of the AQINAC.
Unveiling of the winner
The name of the winning company will be released on May 10at the annual conference dinner of the association, an activity that brings together nearly 300 representatives of the agriculture and food industry in Quebec (members and special guests).
For this first edition, the jury is composed of representatives of the animal feed and agricultural finance sector, a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture in Quebec and a company external audit.
AQINAC has over 200 members, all key players in the food industry in Quebec, mainly manufacturers of animal feed and / or grain traders.
The association, among others, tries to meet the demands of consumers and society in food security, environmental quality, livestock farming and economic conditions, as well as contribute to its dynamism, development of its customer-producer and their products, while promoting the modern agrifood industry.
Additional information on the award can be found on AQINAC website (in French).

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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