Registration of 68 companies in DDGS dumping case

25-01-2011 | |

The US Grains Council has helped a total of 68 companies register as interested parties to China’s anti-dumping investigation against imports of US origin DDGS.

The paperwork to register US companies as interested parties in China’s anti-dumping investigation was completed and submitted by deadline, according to Rebecca Bratter, U.S. Grains Council director of trade development.
According to Bratter the registrants can be divided in producers, exporters/traders and a small group of companies registered as interested parties on the dumping side, however USGC isn’t facilitating that process and was not able to provide additional information on those companies.
Registering as an interested party is an important step, since registered parties can qualify for lower, negotiated tariffs if there is a finding in the investigation. In contrast, unregistered companies could face the highest tariffs of all.
Once the registration process is complete, Chinese authorities will begin a fact-finding process that will include investigations of specific company practices.


Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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