Report: EU crop profitability and input demand

11-05-2009 | |

LMC has compiled a 2009 report which monitors and forecasts arable crop profitability and input demand in European Union (all 27 member states) and Black Sea Region (Russia and Ukraine).


LMC’s report analyses the competitiveness of major arable crops – cereals, oilseeds and sugarbeet, plus set-aside, in farm rotations across Europe.
It provides a lead indicator of farmers’ intentions for the coming season and beyond, with projections of changes in profitability and crop areas.
This year LMC has extended the service to include demand forecasts for seeds and fertiliser. Crops covered are: barley, maize, common wheat, rye, durum wheat, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean and sugarbeet.
Two reports are delivered:
  1. the main report at the end of June giving area plantings for the spring crop, planted in spring 2009 and harvested later in the year;
  2. a supplementary report in November 2009 which gives the outlook for crop areas for the 2010 spring crop. 
The 2009 Reports
    • present the outlook for farm gate prices for the 2010 crop and for the next decade
    • estimate the costs of growing the crops in each country
    • assess prices that farmers need to plant each of the major arable crops
    • forecast profitability for the 2010 crop and future trends
    • forecast changes in crop areas for the Spring and Winter 2010 crops, including set-aside
    • analyse the impact of key developments, including policy environment, that will affect crop returns
    • forecast demand for seed and fertiliser 
Subscribers can buy the reports for one or both regions. More information and a subscription form can be found in the LMC flyer.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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