Research: Potassium diformate as mould inhibitor in feeds

03-06-2010 | |

Potassium diformate (KDF) has been regarded as an alternative to antibiotic growth promoters for animals.

Efforts were made to explore the antimould performance of KDF on animal feed using the plate count method.
Compared with sodium diacetate (SDA), the widely used mould inhibitor, KDF exhibited even better antimould performance for animal feed.
To our knowledge, this work first proved the applicability of KDF as a mould inhibitor for animal feed.
To read the full report it can to be purchased here.
Optimization of Green Synthesis of Potassium Diformate and Its Potential as a Mold Inhibitor for Animal Feed – Wenshuang Lin, et.al, Xiamen University, P. R. China

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