Rhodimet research grant at Denver meeting

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Rhodimet research grant at Denver meeting

Adisseo will announce the Laureates of the 3 rd Rhodimet Research Grant during the next Advancia meeting in Denver/ USA, on July 11th, 2010

In order to further develop the understanding of metabolism and roles of methionine sources in animal nutrition, Adisseo supports the scientific worldwide community through research grants since 2006.
From this 1st Rhodimet Research Grant, tremendous progress has been made by the scientific community and presented at the Advancia annual seminars.
Denver meeting
Adisseo is indeed proud of being at the forefront of this research and at the initiation of the unique worldwide scientific network (Advancia) which will meet in Denver for the 4th Advancia International Methionine Seminar on July 11th chaired by Prof Rostagno and Prof Ravindran.
It will be the occasion to share these progresses and to identify potential benefits for the industry such as acidifying, anti-oxidant, meat quality, stress resistance.
22 projects
Worldwide scientists submitted not less than 22 projects for the Rhodimet Research Grant 2010-2012: 7 from North and Central America, 7 from Europe-Africa-Middle East, 5 from Asia-Pacific and 3 from South America.
Scientific proposals concern various areas from requirement, metabolism, health and relevant issues.
With the help of a well-known scientific committee, Adisseo will be pleased to announce the Laureates of this 3rd Rhodimet Research Grant on July 11th, prior to the Joint American Meeting.

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