Royal Canin opens $73-million facility

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Royal Canin opens $73-million facility

Royal Canin Canada announced the opening of its new $73-million pet nutrition manufacturing facility. This facility is a first of its kind for the manufacture of therapeutic dog and cat nutrition.

Xavier Unkovic, President and Chief Executive Officer, Royal Canin Canada said: "We manufacture a highly specific range of pet food aimed at the care and cure of animals. We know more about pets and this new facility represents the best in food safety, nutritional precision and quality."

NIRS system
The new facility houses the best technology available for controlled and secure production to detect and prevent product contamination. Raw materials will be managed through a Near Infrared Spectroscopy System (NIRS) that compares a ‘fingerprint’ or chemical signature of the ingredient to a computerized library of standards compiled and maintained for that ingredient. This will ensure any non-conforming raw materials do not get into finished products.

Any deviations from the standard result in the rejection of the delivery and potential disqualification of the supplier. Every raw material is tested before it enters the plant and also every single finished product before it leaves the facility.

More expansion
The facility’s extrusion (or cooking capacity) will double later this year. In 2009, a food safety and testing centre will open, as well as an education centre. In 2010, a warehouse will be completed.

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