Russia Cherkizovo launches $685 mln poultry project

24-04-2011 | |

Russia’s biggest meat producer Cherkizovo said it had started building a huge poultry complex worth $685 million in Yelets in the central Russian Lipetsk region.

The complex will have broiler sites with 10 million poultry places, parent stock and reproduction flock sites for 900,000 heads and slaughtering and processing facilities, Cherkizovo said in a statement.
Large feed mill
It will also include facilities to produce 512,000 tonnes of poultry feed per year and to store up to 50,000 tonnes of frozen products.
The complex is expected to be built in 2013 and to reach full capacity by 2015.
Of the total investment 80% were provided by Gazprombank, a former banking unit of Russian energy giant Gazprom, as a 10-year loan, Cherkizovo said.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed