Russia: Grain stolen from reserve in Arkhangelsk

29-03-2013 | |
Russia: Grain stolen from reserve in Arkhangelsk

A large batch of grains has been stolen from a strategic grain reserve at the Arkhangelsk Oblast bakery plant, the press service of a regional FSB department for the Arkhangelsk region told Itar-Tass.

Agents of the regional FSB department jointly with experts of the Vologda territorial reserve, who inspected the grain storage containers, have established the fact of the theft of strategically important grain.

The grain containers were equipped with tents adjusted on different levels so as to give a semblance of being fully packed, while in fact they were empty.

A criminal case has been opened against the plant’s head manager on charges of illegal appropriation or heavy embezzlement pending results of an investigation which is going on.

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