Russia intends to be stricter with GMO industry

13-12-2012 | |
Russia intends to be stricter with GMO industry

Russia will soon adopt a tough legislation to limit the cultivation, importation and use of GMO in feed production for livestock, this was announced by the Minister of Agriculture of Russia, Nikolai Fyodorov, at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

“Genetically modified products are still making its way to the the Russian market, and we are preparing to settle this issue at the legislative level,” said the Minister of Agriculture.

He said that currently the problem is under constant scrutiny. In Russia, according to him, there is no official permission to grow agricultural products based on genetically modified organisms, but in the country there are still a lot of crops that contain modified genes.

In Russia, the use of GMOs is still not regulated, therefore despite the existence of the actual ban on cultivation of GMO crops veterinary services cannot monitor the cultivation and use of GMO. In the near future according to the Minister the situation is about to change.

“This market is distorted because corn, rice, soybeans, feed products are already getting into our country. The issue is not regulated, but we already have a special working group, which is going to develop the draft projects to toughen the control measures. They are working in several directions: in particular in crop raising and feeding of livestock – in order to resolve all the existing problems, ” Fedorov said at a meeting.

Expressing his personal opinion, Fedorov said that agricultural resources, livestock and feed industry in Russia can operate without genetically modified organisms. “This is my preliminary view,” said Fedorov

Vladislav Vorotnikov Eastern European correspondent