Rwanda starts tilapia cage project

29-08-2007 | |

Some 10,000 young tilapia weighing 30gms each are to be imported from Uganda to Rwanda in a study on commercial fish farming.

This will be Rwanda’s country’s biggest fish cage pilot study, according to a
leading Rwandan agronomist. The managing director of Genesis Ltd, Gil Nossan, an
agricultural and livestock specialist told East African Business Week that the
fish cage study is pioneered by a private developer and will be undertaken in
Lake Muhazi in the eastern province.

“We are in the process of importing
10 tonnes of fish feed for this pilot study with each tonne going for US$1,200.
This is the best way to grow fish. Local people invest in fish ponds and harvest
little. Fish ponds require a lot of power to mix the water and there is a
problem of lack of oxygen,” he said.

Nossan further explained that the
aluminum cages will be inserted in the right spots of the lake. The water will
mix naturally and thus provide oxygen in the cages.

Feed from

The fish feeds imported from Israel will be placed afloat
within the fish cage that has two thirds submerged in water and a third above
the water.

The fish feed is dropped periodically within the cage
depending on the fish age and size. The feeds are routinely changed after two
months. The 10,000 fish imported weighing 30gms are expected to grow to 500gms
within the six month period.


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