San Miguel to establish local feed factory

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San Miguel to establish local feed factory

Diversified conglomerate San Miguel Corp. in the Philippines will start making B-Meg (SM brand name) products inside the Zamboanga Special Economic Zone and Freeport Authority next month, an official said.

According to Edgar B. Lim, the economic zone’s director for investments, the zone authority’s board has approved the application of the San Miguel’s P150-million (€2.9million) feed mill plant that would supply feed and other input to the poultry and livestock industry in Western Mindanao.
He said members of the economic zone’s board have conducted a site visit last week at B-Meg’s feed mill plant in Tarlac to check its operations.
Lim said the Zamboanga plant would have the capacity to produce 10 tonnes of feed per month. “Initially it will produce 60,000 bags per month for the Western Mindanao market,” he said.
The feed plant will be located in two buildings that formerly housed a motorcycle assembly operation. Each building has almost 5,000 square meters, he added.
“There will be no civil works,” Lim said. The entry of San Miguel Corp. in this city’s economic zone is expected to attract other locators.
Lim said the plant needs at least 150 employees to run feed production machines.
Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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