Saudi Arabia leads Middle East agri sector

08-09-2009 | |

Saudi Arabia remains the Middle East’s largest market for agricultural products and technologies, posting a steady eight per cent average annual growth. The Kingdom imported more than SAR 25.5 billion (€4.75 billion) worth of agricultural products in 2008, an impressive increase of 42 per cent over the previous year.


This year, agricultural projects are expected to account for 23 per cent of the country’s expected SAR 181 billion (€33.8 billion) private sector investments, enhancing Saudi’s status as major player in the regional agribusiness.

“The Saudi Government has been investing heavily in irrigation projects to develop its arable land, with the aim of addressing both a rapidly growing population and burgeoning demand for food and food-related products. There is an urgent need for advanced irrigation equipment, water management technologies and services, and related products such as high-yield seeds in order to satisfy the country’s increasing agricultural requirements.

These are thus very advantageous times for local and international firms to boost their presence and investments within Saudi Arabia’s agricultural sector,” said Khalid Daou, Project Manager of the upcoming exhibition Saudi Agriculture (1-4 November, 2009), a show that brings together agricultural experts from the Arabic area.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor