Seaboard invest in feed in Liberia

11-12-2008 | |

Seaboard Corporation, one time owner and operator of the National Milling in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County has returned to Liberia with an investment proposal of over US$30 to US$40 million, according to The Inquirer.

Vice President for Government Affairs of Seaboard Corporation, Ralph L. Moss
said a proposal of US$30 to US$40 million investment has been submitted to the
government of Liberia by his company.

Moss noted that Seaboard
Corporation intends to cover three activity areas in its proposal that include:

  • Developing and operating a bulk grain terminal,
  • Developing a flour mill/feed
    mill complex, and

  • Operating the commercial Port of Buchanan, Liberia’s
    second largest port.

Moss said that his company is committed to
investing in the country once again especially in Buchanan City which according
to him is situated at a strategic location for the kind of business Seaboard is
intended to do in the country.

“Our Chairman is very, very committed to
this project. That’s why we’ve returned and we believe that we can form a
partnership with the [Liberian] government to rebuild this great

National Investment Commission chairman, Dr. Richard Tolbert
welcomed the return of Seaboard Corporation and discussions are underway between
the Liberian government and the investors on several issues relating to the
operation of the company.

“We welcome the vision and interest of
Seaboard, a major American Corporation especially in the midst of the global
financial crisis where many investors are now turning their back to return to
their various homes. We see no misjudgments or lack of interest on the part of
Seaboard,” the NIC boss said.

,  a publicly traded American international food and
transportation company once owned and operated the National Milling in Buchanan,
commonly referred to as Flour Mill in Grand Bassa County from 1971 to 1989 when
the National Milling was sold and the company left Liberia.

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