Setting the agenda for the next decade

19-10-2020 | |
Den Hartog
Johan Den Hartog GMP+ international
Photo: Peter Roek
Photo: Peter Roek

If the Covid-19 epidemic has taught us anything, it is that we can only overcome adversity by taking our individual responsibilities and working together: a fitting lesson as the feed sector faces its own challenges in the years ahead.

Due to the pandemic, the Global Feed Safety Summit, originally scheduled to take place in April 2021, has been postponed. It’s now planned for 6-8 April, 2022, in Berlin. But, even though the summit has been pushed back a year, its 3 main themes are as urgent as ever: feed safety and security, consumer influence in the feed chain, and the growing importance of international versus regional sourcing.

That’s why we – GMP+ International along with our media partner and summit co-organiser All About Feed – decided to not wait a year and a half to discuss these all-important issues. In the run-up to the Global Feed Safety Summit we’re setting the table with 3 webinars to bring industry leaders together and exchange ideas. Each webinar will revolve around one of the summit’s main topics, with the first one taking place on 7 October: Feed Safety and Security in Uncertain Times.

For this summit and the webinars leading up to it, we have joined hands with All About Feed. We feel that by combining our international feed safety communities with their global audience, we are optimally using our strengths to reach as many people as possible in the global feed sector. With no end in sight yet for the Covid-19 pandemic, despite encouraging developments, it’s more important than ever for feed companies to enhance their collaboration.

People as well as companies are most vulnerable when we stand alone. We hope that the upcoming webinars, and the summit in 2022, not only succeed in setting the agenda for the next decade, but also in bringing people together from around the feed sector. Because, with increasing customer demands, a changing climate, a growing world population and stricter rules and regulations, the challenges we face are fierce. But we don’t face them alone. Let’s feed off each other’s strengths and stand together to achieve safe feed and food for all.

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