Soil Association sticks to its organic standards

16-03-2009 | |

The British soil Association is not going to loosen the standards for organic raw materials in animal feeds. With high prices for raw materials the organic standard institute was requested to temporarily turn a blind eye on the current tight standards to relieve organic farmers.

Following a thorough and wide-ranging consultation, which looked at whether any changes are justified to organic animal feed standards in the current recession, the Soil Association’s independent Standards Board has decided against making any changes.
All food certified by the Soil Association and sold as organic will continue to be produced under full organic standards.
From an inquiry among people involved in organic farming it was found that three quarters of the respondents were opposed to allowing any changes to the standards covering animal feed.
Respondents noted the importance of retaining the integrity of Soil Association standards and expressed concern about the potential for damaging consumer confidence.
They also pointed out that what might help livestock farmers could do damage to the organic feed market and the arable farmers who supply it.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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