SPACE: Fenchem launching all-natural pigments

12-09-2011 | |

Fenchem is to launch a series of all-natural pigment ingredients in the coming SPACE 2011, which will be held in Rennes, France from 13 to 16 September.

These products include In-Red Red Pepper Extract and In-Marigold Xanthophyll, which are extracted from red pepper meal and marigold meal, respectively.
According to the company, these products show a great character in the application of feed pigment ingredients, through the unique extract technology, including providing a perfect touch and a richer yellow in poultry skin and egg yolks, especially not destroying its own property of antioxidation, which is contributed to poultry health.
The following specifications are provided: Red pepper Extract Powder (total carotenoids 5-20g/kg) and Red pepper Extract Oleoresin (6600-165000 color unit); Marigold Extract Powder (total xanthophyll 10-50g/kg), Marigold Extract Liquid (total xanthophyll 11-15g/kg) and Marigold Extract Oleoresin (total xanthophyll 130-170g/kg).
Fenchem has specialized in developing, manufacturing and marketing active ingredients for 16 years, serving the dietary supplements and functional food, cosmetic and feed industries. The products are manufactured adherence to premium quality that is guaranteed by practices of GMP, HACCP and ISO certification.
Fenchem can be found in Hall 9, booth A7.