Spectacular innovations at Victam in Cologne

26-04-2011 | |
Spectacular innovations at Victam in Cologne

It is less than a week before the Victam International, Fiaap and Grapas exhibitions start at the Koeln Messe in Cologne, Germany. The new venue and spectacular innovations by leading companies promise a very interesting exhibition, setting the standard for global feed and flour milling.

More than 20 companies from all over the world have entered the Victam/AllAboutFeed innovation contest for this year’s much appreciated Innovation Award.
Three international and independent judges had a hard time in picking the best innovation. The Awards will be presented on 3 May at the end of the first day of the exhibition on the Victam stand at 18.00 hrs.
Below some snapshots of innovations that have been reported to AllAboutFeed. Also during the exhibition new products and services will be presented to the visitors.
Van Aarsen on the exhibition will demonstrate its GD1400 Hammer mill with automatic screen exchange. This low energy hammer mill, with the lowest operational costs in the market, was presented two years ago and in the meantime has been installed in several feed mills.
Buhler has entered the contest with two innovations: Its hammer mill Granulex will be officially launched at Victam 2011. It is a grinder with 400 kW motor power for high capacity coarse/fine grinding and a 1.500 mm rotor diameter, the largest diameter of any 50 Hz hammer mill in the market, inducing higher tip-speed of 117 m/s, causing finer product granulation.
Zhengchang Group (ZCME) from China presents a vertical shaft pulverizer, suitable for large and medium sized feed mills, especially for pulverizing raw materials for shrimp feed, eel feed, turtle feed and feed for young animals.
Wijnveen (Netherlands) managed to get ready their restless double shaft paddle mixer with net content of 12.000 litre (DPMA 12000) to be exhibited in Cologne. “The mixer is designed to discharge complete batches leaving practically no product behind, the shape of the body is without dead corners and can be considered as self cleaning. This effectively prevents cross-contamination,” the press release says.
Also Buhler’s pellet mill DPEF is a machine that will be officially launched at Victam 2011. This innovation has been specifically designed as the perfect answer to the changing market needs, providing customers with a competitive edge in the marketplace. It has a compact design, high pelleting capacity (585 kW motor power) and a groundbreaking new drive concept, which reduces energy consumption at least 15% and no V-belts.
Down time is always costly in a feed plant. Therefore CPM Europe (Netherlands) has developed a quick die change system, which in combination with their pneumatically operated die hoist, provides the means for replacing a die within 20 minutes time and little effort. The objective is to have the pellet mill up and running with another die only 30 minutes after the end of the previous batch.
Geelen Counterflow (Netherlands) has completely redesigned its Counterflow Cooler into the MkII model. The Counterflow Cooler MkII is aimed at meeting today’s high requirements for process control and sanitation. With this new cooler producers can now also have control over the moisture loss in the cooler, which enables them to optimise quality under all circumstances while at the same time minimising product losses (shrink) due to excessive loss of moisture.
Quality control/Management
In quality control Büchi Labortechnik presents NirMaster, is the first dedicated Fourier Transform-NIR standalone spectrometer. Its easyclean design and high ingress protection (IP) meet the specific needs for at-line analysis in compound feed production.
In response to increasing energy costs and Carbon Trust program Compound Feed Engineering (Ireland) developed a service offering through the use of innovative wireless energy monitoring technology to measure and manage energy usage in the milling industry. The technology is linked to key machines and processes and energy usage data from these machines and processes is transmitted wirelessly via a GSM network to a web portal.
Within quality control an Online multi analysing system is presented by Source Technology (Denmark). A number of analyses are made in one machine after for example the extruder or pelletizer, such as product sampling, bulk density, product temperature (for salmonella control), moisture content, protein content, fat content, particle/product sizing and colour recognition.
Intelscan (Iceland) features AquaSmart, an automatic control of moisture addition in feed milling process. The software receives continues measurement of moisture content from microwave moisture scanners in the mixing and cooling stages which enables automatic calculation and control of water dosing in the process.
Radar Automation (Belgium) has added a hedging module to their Operra software program to be able to better manage price volatility in raw materials. Operra Hedging combines the management of both physical and financial positions in one application.
Amandus Kahl (Germany) continually improves it expander. Now the Crown Expander is introduced which enables expanded products to be pelleted as well in one machine. The expander is equipped with an extra device that can shape the expandat.
Farmet from the Czech Republic entered the extruder FE100, an extruder for cattle feed that can be used by home mixers.
In extruding Insta-Pro International (USA) introduced their shaped products cutter head assembly. This improved cutter head assembly has a swing arm and safety guard design which allows for quick change over of die inserts and cutter knives and the assembly design allows for ease of operation by only one operator.
Shandong Yingchun Steel Silo from China has several steel silos in its portfolio, which are introduced to the European market.
Packing specialist Concetti from Italy presents an integrated, on-line reclosable zip applicator for ordinary plastic bags without the need to buy expensive pre-formed zip bags.


European Machine Trading (Netherlands) has developed a big bag filling machine in 3 containers of 10ft (3 meter). The capacity is 60 ton per hour. All powder-granulated or pressed materials can be filled with this machine line.
For manufacturers that make use of a warehouse for storage of bagged products DSL Systems (UK) has developed a Warehouse Stock Tracking system that utilises intelligent wireless networks with rugged tablet PCs mounted on Fork Lift Trucks.
Derichs Verfahrenstechnik (Germany) introduced a big bag filling unit LFB 2000 Revolver that pays particular attention to hygienic filling of the bags. The unit integrates filling, closing and moving of the bags in a compact design.
Silexport International (France) has developed a conical vibrating floor for grain silos that performs the automatic 100% reclaiming and clean-up of silos, down to the last grain, while maximizing the silo capacity due to the extremely low bottom slope angle.
In the nutrition section Vitamex (Belgium) is introducing Rumabiotic, a well-balanced mixture of Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCFA). Rumabiotic aims at increasing the cow’s defence against infections. In this new synergistic concept, the known beneficial effect of vitamins and trace elements, such as vitamin E, organic Selenium and organic Zinc, are combined with Aromabiotic Cattle.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed