Stolz teams up with oilseed crusher

13-07-2007 | |

French feed equipment manufacturer Stolz has just joined the Belgian group Desmet Ballestra.

The French company Stolz manufactures industrial equipment for
processing cereals for animal feeds and foods. Stolz is also active in the
market of biofuels (bioethanol and biodiesel).

Desmet Ballestra is the world leader of the
oilseeds transformation. The company has 800 employees and 400 million euros
of sales turnover. It has taken a 45% stake in the French

De Smet & Ballestra are known as world leaders in
engineering of oils & fats, oleochemical technologies, detergent and
surfactant technologies and soap technologies.

In more than 40 years, De
Smet & Ballestra and its 15 affiliated companies have installed more than
220 oleochemical processes worldwide.

Since early December 2004, De Smet
& Ballestra are operating as one integrated group Desmet

Stolz said it is joining a complementary partner on the
industrial side, but on the commercial side will also be able to take advantage
of the worldwide presence of the Belgian group.

In three years time Stolz hopes to increase its turnover with €5
-15 million. Currently turoover is around €35 million.

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