Study: Elevators and terminals in Ukraine

09-06-2010 | |

Ukrainian grain production and exports increased to record high level during last few years. Investment into elevators sector increased, but not quite enough. Due to lack of elevators capacity a considerable part of the harvest is stored in poor conditions.

The strategic planning of elevators location should reckon with the regional grain and oilseeds markets development prospects, the potential of logistics costs reduction and diversification of a farm/elevator under the influence of global market changes:
  • Main trends of grain and oilseeds markets of Ukraine.
  • SWOT-analysis of Ukrainian grain and oilseeds markets.
  • General characteristics of an elevator complex for storing grains and oilseeds in Ukraine.
  • Storage capacity of the domestic elevators.
  • Competition.
  • Bulk grain handling capacity in sea ports.
  • Container terminals in Ukraine.
  • SWOT-analysis of various systems of grain storage and handling in Ukraine.
Detailed information and ordering information on the study can be found on the Black Sea Grain website.


Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed