Sunscape sells out to Osia Ventures

11-03-2010 | |

Hong Kong headquartered manufacturer of feed ingredients Sunscape has signed a letter of intent with capital pool company Osia Ventures to sell 100% of it shares to Osia.

Contemporaneously with the closing, it is intended that Sunscape will change its name to "Sunshine Agri-Tech Inc.". Such name change is subject to regulatory approval.
Sunscape was incorporated in August of 2007 in Hong Kong. It is a holding company that owns 100% of Dalian Sunshine Agri-Tech Co., Ltd. located in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China which controls 100% of Changchun Sunshine Bio-Feed Co. Ltd. as a variable interest entity.
Sunscape is jointly owned by Sunscape (Holding) Limited (80%) and Baojun Zhang, a Chinese citizen (20%).
Sunscape (Holding) Limited is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Island 100% owned by Baojun Zhang.
Feed industry interests
Dalian Sunshine operates in the animal feed industry and its line of products include microbial feed additives, bio-feed (a combination of grains, soybean meal and Dalian Sunshine’s microbial feed additives), and microbial fermented agents. Dalian Sunshine currently sells its products throughout China as well as in Japan and Korea.
In September 2009, Dalian Sunshine acquired various intellectual properties including animal feed recipes and seed microbiology from Dalian Sunscape Bio-Tech Co., Ltd.
It also entered into various agreements with Changchun Sunshine to execute various business operations on behalf of Dalian Sunshine.
Traditional animal feed in the Chinese animal husbandry involves the long-term heavy use of antibiotics and chemical substances, as well as concentrated trace elements (i.e., micronutrients) that are used to prevent disease.
Dalian Sunshine, through the development of proprietary technologies and processes developed at its R&D centre in Dalian, has developed high-tech animal feed additives and related products that support the increasing popular "green" animal products concept.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed