Sustainable production impacts World Meat Congress

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Sustainable production impacts World Meat Congress

The World Meat Congress, which just finished last week in Buenos Aires in Argentina, attracted 1,170 attendants and some 380 journalists from all over the world. Producing for a sustainable world had a great interest in all sessions.

Eng. Dardo Chiesa, president of the Argentine meat promotion institute (IPVCA), was very pleased at 18th World Meat Congress success. “Expectations we had for the Congress were promising but you are always concerned whenever an event of this size is organised.”
As regards speeches, Chiesa considered “they were of an extremely high level. I have learned quiet a lot. Business contacts made were also important.”
Besides, he added that one of the conclusions he could reach regarding the Congress is “Argentina is a strong player worldwide. Our country is leading meat quality, production process, genetics, fight against food-and-mouth disease and BSE. All this is important when it is time to attract people to a world Congress.”
Sustainability in all topics
Arturo Llavallol, International Meat Secretariat (IMS) elected president, said he was “proud of this extremely high level congress. I hope foreign visitors have enjoyed Argentina and its meat.”
Llavallol argued “producing for a sustainable world is an enormous challenge. Consequently, in all sessions, I could notice a great interest in this topic.”
He also claimed that “the alliance between our sector and the environment is something we should face with responsibility, taking into account all scientifically validated information.”
“Producing more with no environment damage is possible. We should have in mind that in the next 40 years we should duplicate food production, taking care of consumer health, animal well-being, and water and earth. All within a framework of business opening with no unjustified barriers.”
And he added: “the economic crisis of the last two years has taught us some lessons we should not forget when implementing sectorial strategies for the future. With respect to IMS, our mission is to fully take the international entity role in the defence and promotion of meat and livestock sector interests.”
Therefore, “IMS will promote the agenda instead of having to react against external pressures determining any topic. This policy will give rise to a new structure making participation in pertinent forums easier for the benefit of our sector.”
A full review of the congress with summarised session topics can be viewed at the World Meat Congress 2010 website. It also contains a promotional Argentina video on its culture and its livestock and meat production.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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