Thailand allows imports from WTO countries

12-01-2007 | |

As from next year, the government in Thailand will allow import unlimited amounts of soybean meal from World Trade Organisation (WTO) member countrie, on condition that companies purchase soybean meal from local vegetable oil refineries at baht 9.85/kg to qualify for import permission.

Imports from non-WTO members will be taxed at 119%. Soyabean meal from
countries in the Asian Free Trade Area will be taxed at 5%, while the tax is
waived for products from Australia and New Zealand, which have free trade
deals with Thailand.
Thailand expects to use about 3 million tonnes (t) of
soyabean meal for the animal feed industry this year, while local production can
supply 1 million t.

Maize and fish meal imports
The Food Policy Committee
will also allow the Public Warehouse Organisation import 54,700 t of maize from
March 1 to June 30, 2007, on condition the maize is obtained from WTO countries
and will face a 20% tax, while maize from outside the WTO will be charged a 73%
tax plus a baht 180/t surcharge. The feed industry will import about 300,000 t
of maize to meet demand of about 4 million t.
The committee also agreed to
allow unlimited imports of 60% protein fishmeal, to be taxed 10% plus a
surcharge that accounts for 50% of the value of the paid tax. It is estimated
that about 5,000 t of fishmeal will be imported.

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