The weekly feed business update

27-10-2017 | |
The weekly business update. Photo: Shutterstock
The weekly business update. Photo: Shutterstock

New products, feed mill acquisitions, mergers and other business updates. All About Feed wraps up the latest updates and new business developments from the global feed industry.

New nucleotide ingredient for aquaculture

Biorigin launches Biotide Extra. Due to its high nucleotide concentration (15% minimum), the product contributes to the development of fish and shrimp in the early production stages (larvae, fingerlings), and supports natural defences during challenge, because the nucleotides are readily available to meet their physiological needs. In addition, the product is included at low levels in the feed, allowing more space in the feed formulation. Biorigin also claims that the product is more cost-effective compared to products with lower nucleotide levels.

Nutriad opens new office in Poland

Nutriad opened a new office in Warsaw (Poland).Polish feed production has grown with a CAGR of 4.8% since 2007 and the country has taken an European leadership role in poultry feed. Simon Martyn, EMEA Regional Director, explained Nutriad’s commitment to the Polish market: “Nutriad has been active in Poland for many years. To underscore our ambitions for further growth we have been investing in people, marketing and technical support in the last year. Our new office is a logical next step, aimed at providing our current and future customers the best possible support.”

Updated feed dryer from Geelen Counterflow

In extruded product manufacturing, the dryer is both the main consumer of energy and a crucial quality factor. Dutch company Geelen Counterflow has completely redesigned its Continuous Dryer MkIII. The upgraded control system now automatically keeps the product bed at the right height for each product. The new product distributor, which flexibly follows the movement of each product layer, plays an important role here. The ability to control the residence time during production process start-up and shut-down is a further innovation. Finally, the improved airflow results in more homogeneous air distribution. This improves the drying result, making it possible to achieve a product uniformity +/- 0.5%.

ADM opens new feed premix plant in Zhangzhou, China

Archer Daniels Midland Company officially opened its new feed premix plant in Zhangzhou, South China. Built with an annual production capacity of 30,000 metric tons of feed premixes and 80,000 metric tons of complete feed and concentrates, the Zhangzhou feed plant represents the fourth in ADM’s expanding animal nutrition network in China, which consists of production facilities in Dalian, Tianjin and Nanjing, as well as a new plant under construction in central China.

Lallemand introduces app for silage quality control

Silage represents up to 50% of a dairy cow’s diet. The optimal preservation and quality of silage can help leverage feed costs. Good silage management practices and planning (such as silo design) are keys to ensuring quality silage and optimizing farm revenue. This is why Lallemand Animal Nutrition developed a mobile application, LALSIL, to support silage quality in the field. The aim of the new app is to help farmers and contractors to control silage quality in their day-to-day practice. The app is available for iOS and Android platforms in several languages (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, German and Spanish).

New learning program for dairy farmers

Kemin Industries launched the “Kemin Reference Manual for Ruminant Amino Acid Formulation” as part of its ongoing Kemin Lifelong Learning program. Written by experienced professionals and industry experts for nutritionists and technicians in the dairy market, the book focuses on how to formulate in different contexts and amino acid nutrition systems. Beyond formulation, the book inspires a new way to think about increasing revenue and profitability in dairy farming.

BioMar launches new, environmentally friendly vessel

As part of the process of modernising BioMar’s shipments of fish feed, an agreement was signed in 2015 with NSK Shipping AS for the construction of a new feed carrier. This has now led to MS Nyksund, a new high-tech vessel for shipping fish feed to be used soon by BioMar.

The new ship is a high-tech vessel fitted with leading-edge equipment throughout and offers a cargo capacity of 2,700 tonnes of fish feed. It runs on an environmentally friendly LNG-powered engine delivered by Rolls-Royce. The ship is also fitted with fish feed handling equipment that is both efficient and gentle on the feed, while having larger and more powerful thrusters and a DP system for optimum manoeuvre. The ship was designed in collaboration with ship designers NSK Ship Design and measures 81.5 m in length.

Neovia strengthens its presence in Vietnam

Neovia has entered into exclusive negotiations to acquire a production site in Quy Nhon, located in the Binh Dinh province in central Vietnam. This acquisition will help Neovia increase its production capacities by 50,000 tonnes per year and consolidate its positions in central Vietnam. This region is strategically located to effectively supply a growing market estimated at over three million tonnes of feed and expand the company’s export activities to South East Asia. With this in mind, Neovia will make additional investments in the factory to continue to modernise its facilities, increase its production capacities, and offer products in line with the requirements of its livestock farming customers and distributors in the area. In addition to this major project, Neovia is strengthening its industrial tools and service offering in general by building a new factory in Ha Nam, creating a new production line at the Dong Thap site, and expanding its storage capacities in Binh Duong.

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