Turkey integrator Procavi opens new feed mill

06-04-2011 | |
Turkey integrator Procavi opens new feed mill

Spanish feed miller Procavi, specialised in turkey feeds, has launched a new feed processing plant in the municipality of Carmona in Seville.

Total investment was €3.2 million and production capacity is around 40 tonnes per hour, enough to daily feed 1.2 million turkeys.
The company, with a market share of 39% and owned by the Fuertes Group, has invested more than €12 million in the last two years aimed at increasing its competitiveness and business efficiency.

The facility has two production lines using the latest technologies and most of the processes are fully automated. Once fully operational the mill will create 14 direct jobs and 70 indirect jobs.

The construction of this new feed plant of Procavi meets the objective of controlling the entire production cycle from feeding animals to marketing of the product, ensuring full traceability and adjusting "to the most stringent food safety measures," according to the company.
The new mill will supply the farms in the provinces of Seville and Huelva, while the second feed mill in Campillos, provides the feed to the production centres around Malaga.
Ready for future growth
With the commissioning of this facility Procavi covers the expected growth in the coming years, which is around 40%. The short-term objective is to increase slaughtering capacity from 125,000 animals to over 180,000 birds per week.
At Procavi 535 workers are employed. Turnover in the last financial year 2010 was €100.5 million, up 19% over the previous year.
"The hatchery, the most efficient, modern bio-safe and the world has a higher production capacity of 250,000 eggs a week and its annual production exceeds 55 million kilos, equivalent to more than seven million turkeys processed," company manager Alfonso Serrano said.
Total integrator
Procavi has the whole turkey production chain in its own hands. In the past years it has developed and implemented an Integrated Management System for Production and Environmental business ranging from a pedigree centre, hatchery, two feed mills, breeding farms and production farms, quality control laboratory, abattoir and further processing units, waste water treatment plant, a by-product plant, a cogeneration plant powered by natural gas, and marketing and distribution of products.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed