Ukraine base for new biofuel and feed initiative

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Alternativa Ltd. and GreenShift Corp. have entered into an exclusive supply and cooperation agreement for the purpose of designing and developing sustainable integrated feedstock and renewable energy production facilities.

The companies will initially focus on selected geographies throughout the world that have both abundant undeveloped biomass-derived feedstock resources and the downstream supply-chain infrastructure needed for robust distribution and use of renewable energy and other biomass-derived products at scale.
The first facility is planned for Ukraine, and will be designed to process rapeseed into substantial quantities of renewable fuels, edible oils and animal feed in an environmentally-friendly fashion.
While the development of the Ukrainian project is at an advanced stage, Alternativa is evaluating several additional sites for development of similar facilities in Russia and Canada.
Rapeseed oil is the preferred biodiesel feedstock in most of Europe, partly because rapeseed produces more oil per unit of land area compared to soybean and other oilseeds.
The natural oil content of rapeseed is approximately 42%, among the highest of biodiesel feedstocks.
By-product for animal feed
Extracting oil from rapeseed leaves a valuable rapeseed meal by-product, a high-protein animal feed that is mostly used for cattle feeding, but also for swine and poultry.
The market for rapeseed in the European Union is strong, and is characterized by high prices resulting from significant localized demand for rapeseed oil for food and biofuel uses.
The volume of rapeseed production has grown substantially in recent years within Ukraine, as the Ukraine government has focused on renewable fuel production.
Alternativa’s Ukraine project can be expected to provide a strong, stable base of local demand that Ukraine growers can rely on to increase rapeseed crop production to serve the domestic requirements of Ukraine as well as exports into the EU.
Alternativa has already entered into a long term agreement with a major producer of rapeseed towards providing the feedstock for its first planned Ukraine project.
About Alternativa
Alternativa is the latest company to be established by British businessman Richard Spinks, the former CEO of Landkom International PLC, a company he founded in 2005 and built to become one of Ukraine’s leading rapeseed growers and the first to achieve a listing on the London Stock Exchange in November 2007.
About GreenShift Corporation
GreenShift Corporation develops and commercializes clean technologies designed to address the financial and environmental needs of its clients by decreasing raw material needs, facilitating co-product reuse, and reducing the generation of wastes and emissions.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed