US grain sector profits from growth in India

01-02-2008 | |

The US Grains Council (USGC) is assisting India’s growing commercial poultry processing industry with their strategic consumer marketing efforts, says GrainNet.

Indian consumers traditionally purchase live poultry
as supermarkets/grocery stores were uncommon. However, the situation seems to be
taking a turn.

Growing population, growing number of retail
“You are seeing more and more retail markets, similar to grocery
stores in the US,” says USGC director of international operations Chris Corry.
He believes that this shift is due mainly to a growing population, of which
nearly two-thirds depend on agriculture for their livelihood.

poultry farmers embracing commercial poultry production are realising a more
profitable profession due in large part to the Council’s assistance with their
consumer marketing efforts, according to Amit Sachdev, USGC consultant in

The Council’s efforts on behalf of the commercial poultry industry
will become increasingly important to Indian poultry farmers as demand for
poultry meat and eggs is expected to increase as India’s population

Poultry processing increasing
As more and more consumers
become aware of the safety and efficiency of commercial poultry processing, a
relatively new concept to most Indian consumers, the poultry industry will grow
substantially, thus needing more feed grains.

Importing grains
“India only produces roughly 600 mln bushels of corn annually,
which is not enough to sustain a growing population, especially,” said Corry,
adding that India will need to import feed ingredients “and we are working hard
to ensure it will be from US producers,” he adds.

Sachdev agrees with
Corry and said he is anticipating that the Council’s education efforts will pay
off for US farmers, while also feeding a growing nation and reducing poverty
within India’s agricultural sector.

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