US Grains Council appoints DDGS specialist

13-02-2007 | |

The US Grains Council has hired Dan Keefe as the manager of international operations for the Council’s distiller’s dried grains with solubles promotion programs.

“We are pleased that Dan, a former Council employee, has agreed to return to
working for the Council in this key role,” said Kenneth Hobbie, Council
president and CEO. “His prior knowledge of the Council membership and
operations, combined with his expertise in international marketing, makes him
ideal for this position.”

Dan Keefe will be an important liaison with
Council members and overseas offices, sharing current industry developments and
marketing information while implementing the member-supported efforts to grow
the international market for US-produced DDGS.

American DDGS production reached 14.5 million
metric tons in 2006. According to the USDA, exports reached 1.15 million tons
between January and November 2006, an increase of approximately 22% compared to
the same period in 2005.

DDGS production in the US has the potential to
reach or surpass 40 million tons, making the development of export markets

The US Grains
 overseas directors have identified 20 million tons of
potential demand for DDGS. To help realize this demand, the Council is working
around the world to promote its use – educating new customers, obtaining
government registrations and approvals to facilitate imports and facilitating
buyer-seller communications.

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