Vi-Cor targets US poultry market

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Vi-Cor, a manufacturer of specialized yeast culture products for poultry, swine and dairy feed, is launching a print ad campaign in January 2011 targeted at growing a presence in the US poultry market.

The ads, running in industry publications, will feature Celmanax, a yeast-based product ingredient that offers health and performance benefits to poultry.
Studies show that this yeast product benefits broiler performance and gut health. "Celmanax added to the diets of broilers resulted in weight gain and improved feed efficiency," says Sangita Jalukar, Vi-Cor microbiologist and immunologist.
"Studies done where broilers were challenged with E. coli and Eimeria strongly indicate the product can protect birds from E. coli and some Coccidiosis," says Jalukar.
Yeast combo
Celmanax combines the benefits of yeast culture, yeast extract and hydrolyzed yeast into one convenient product.
This all-in-one benefit will enable some poultry producers to decrease or eliminate the use of multiple products such as antibiotic growth promoters (AGP), immune enhancers and other yeast-based products.
"We have conducted trials to compare the performance of Celmanax and AGP," explains Jalukar. "The results have been very good, with Celmanax performing as well as AGP."
Dairy prevailed
While Vi-Cor has been in the international poultry market for a decade, most of its domestic sales are to the dairy industry.
The company is launching a poultry-focused ad campaign for the first time in the US and enhancing its international poultry ads, which have been running for a number of years, with new research results.
Since entering the yeast industry in 1999, Vi-Cor has focused on research and development of innovative products.

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed

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