VibraFloor shakes feed plants

23-06-2011 | |
VibraFloor shakes feed plants

A new exhibitor at Victam International attracted a lot of attention with its nervous shaking floors. Brand named VibraFloor is suitable for handling wide variety products including cohesive feed stocks such as soybean meal and DDGS without suffering any product degradation or bridging, whilst achieving 100% clearance of silos.

The technology gets completely away from the need for elaborate and temperamental engineering solutions for both unloading bulk materials or as a fully controllable feed system, to provide a constant flow of material, without experiencing surges, product degradation, bridging or packing.
VibraFloor works by instigating a wave within the material, fluidizing and collapsing the leading edge through a low pressure zone, rather than attempt to move the entire stack as current technologies, hence the remarkable energy efficiency of the system (40W per m2 of active floor).
The system will achieve 100% clearance, without human intervention, and avoids placing the storage structure under any pressure or stress. Unlike traditional technologies, where in the event of blockage the feed system continues to pack material behind the blockage, exaggerating the problem; VibraFloor undermines obstructions and fragments cohesive materials, allowing them to flow through the low pressure zone created at the leading edge of the floor.
Uninterrupted operation of any plant is essential if it is to run efficiently. Unlike traditional technologies, which suffer inevitable breakdowns as a result of complex equipment with numerous moving and wearing parts, VibraFloor requires no regular maintenance as it has no major moving parts and as a result suffers minimal wear.
In the unlikely event that a vibrator motor does fail, the modular system will continue to run, emptying the remainder of the floor, allowing planned maintenance to quickly resolve the problem, rather than the typical experience of a complete stop and major dig out operation.
Below some YouTube videos that give an impression of the VibraFloor
VibraFloor videos:


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