Vice president of AFIA retires

02-01-2015 | |
Vice president of AFIA retires

Keith Epperson, American Feed Industry Association’s (AFIA) vice president of manufacturing and training took his retirement at the end of last year, after nearly 40 years of service in the feed industry.

Epperson joined AFIA in 2005, he served on three AFIA committees in leadership roles for numerous years while employed by Kent Feeds.

“AFIA had allotted me the opportunity to continually work with the feed industry through our membership, other industry professionals and government agencies to face the issues, which have changed greatly since I first entered the industry,” said Epperson.

“Keith’s feed and plant management expertise had proven to be a true asset to our members and the association,” said AFIA President and CEO Joel G. Newman. “He led the development and implementation of the Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program, the International Safe Feed/Safe Food Certification Program and the Pet Food Manufacturers Certification Program. On behalf of AFIA, we wish Epperson all the best and are very thankful for all his hard work through the years.”

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