Victam and Fiaap Asia larger than ever

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Victam and Fiaap Asia larger than ever

The coming exhibitions for the feed industry in Bangkok, Thailand look more promising than ever, with a 25% increase in floor space, larger stands and more exhibitors. The fourth edition of Victam Asia and Fiaap Asia has become the standard meeting point for the Asian feed industry.

When the doors open at BITEC on the 15th February 2012, the thousands of visitors from throughout Asia/Pacific will find the largest event ever organised within Asia that is devoted to the feed and grain processing industries of this vibrant region – Fiaap Asia 2012, Victam Asia 2012 and Grapas Asia 2012.Victam general manager Henk van de Bunt is very pleased with the increased participation of companies. “Companies clearly see Asia as the growth centre for the feed industry,” he says. “We are organising Victam Asia now for the fourth time and floor space has increased from 1,200 square metres at the first exhibition in 2006 to around 4,400 square metres this time. And not only do we see more exhibitors, a lot of exhibitors have booked larger floor space. The largest stands are now 400 square metres booked by for example Bühler and Muyang, who also bring their large machines to the show. Kahl is also bringing its Crown expander with pelleting device, so there are quite some innovations for Asia to see.”

So, the senior trade executives visiting the event will find a large selection of exhibitors from all over the world that will be displaying ingredients and technology – some being shown in Asia for the first time – that are used in the production of animal feeds and the processing of rice and grains. Some new names at the exhibition are Dr Eckel, Bayer, Bentoli AgriNutrition, Kemira, Omega Protein, Vitamex and Novus. Another novelty is the Taiwanese pavilion.

New show venue
Previously visitors to the event will remember going to the Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre in Bangkok but this is not so in 2012. The show has outgrown the Queen Sirikit centre and has moved to BITEC – the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre. Here it opens its doors from 15th – 17th February 2012. “Apart from needing more floor space, BITEC gives exhibitors better access to the exhibition grounds so they can display heavy machinery. At Queen Sirikit Centre exhibitors were restricted due to weight limitations on the floor grounds,” Van de Bunt explains.

The BITEC centre for visitors can also be accessed better since the track of the famous Bangkok skytrain has now been extended to the show grounds (Bang Na station). This relieves visitors from a slow taxi-drive in the busy Bangkok traffic. A pedestrian fly-over from the station to the exhibition centre is being built.

Three new awards are to be launched in February at the Bangkok event. The awards are for the most innovative products/services to be launched since January 2010 and that are on show. AllAboutFeed for the first time will award the most innovative animal feed ingredient or additive. This could be successful, since more exhibitors participate in this sector in Asia than in May 2011 at Fiaap International in Cologne. The booming markets in Asia attract a lot of feed ingredient manufacturers. The innovation level in feed ingredients, additives and antibiotic replacers is high. Everybody is competing for a slice of the pie of the Asian markets. This gives visitors the opportunity to have a closer look at the products that are available and what can really have an impact on animal nutrition and improve animal performance. The Asian market is much more of a testing ground for new products than the strongly influenced by legislation markets in Europe and the US.

Furthermore Aquafeed.com is sponsoring an award for an aquafeed ingredient, additive or processing technology and Grain & Feed Milling Technology is sponsoring an award for a milling or grain processing technology/system. The awards will be presented during the Exhibitors Reception, hosted by Victam International, at the end of the first day of the show.


Several conferences can be attended during the exhibition and interest is always high, since the Asian feed industry has a hunger for knowledge. The feed ingredients and additives conference Fiaap Asia 2012 on 16 February will kick off with a review of the feed market in Asia Pacific (Eric J Brooks, eFeedlink) and lead into a day of stimulating talks on feed ingredient and additive solutions by an international team of industry experts. Further subjects to be covered during this conference among others are – the potential of algae as a feed ingredient (Leslie van der Meulen, Aurora Algae) and also Salmonella solution in soybean meal will be covered (Juan M. Hernandez Vieyra, Yara phosphates). Sheila Heidi M. Ramos, Evonik Degussa, will describe a NIRs based tool that helps qualify and quantify the effect on heat damage in raw materials like SBM on the availability of amino acids to the animal. Buteric acid as a feed additive will be discussed (Pim Langhout, Nutriad International) and feed formulation is always a thankful subject (Merryl Webster, Format International) at a conference.

Feed safety and sustainability assurance
With a focus on export of animal products, Asian feed manufacturers have a serious interest in feed safety. To help satisfy this interest, Johan den Hartog, the managing director of GMP+ International will explain the vision and mission of the GMP+ safety guarantee system. One of the important objectives of GMP+ is international involvement. How you can become a partner of GMP+ International will be explored and a brief overview of the GMP+ FSA scheme with its chain focus will be given. GMP+ has more than 11,600 participants. The advantages for GMP+ certified companies will be made clear.

The 6th Aquafeed.com conference, Aquafeed Horizons Asia 2012 on 15 February, will bring together aquafeed professionals from throughout Asia Pacific and beyond to learn about the latest in aquafeed formulation options and to participate in an extrusion master class. And at Petfood Forum Asia on 16 February, experts share their latest research and insights on the best ways to make and market pet food. AAF

Free online visitor registration

To obtain a free exhibition visitor entrance badge visit www.fiaap.com or www.victam.com or www.grapas.eu. Select ‘Visitor registration’ and complete the simple form. The organisation will send you, by return e-mail, a visitor confirmation. This confirmation must be printed and brought to the show and exchanged at the visitor pre-registration desks for your free entrance badge. The badge is valid for all three days and for each of the exhibitions.


caption:  The Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre is the new venue for Victam, Fiaap and Grapas Asia 2012.

caption:  Taking the skytrain is a quick and cheap way to avoid the busy and often jamming traffic in Bangkok’s streets.

caption:  BITEC (background) now has a skytrain stop, which makes access for visitors a lot easier.


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