Victam and VIV aim for joint European show in 2022

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The most recent edition of VIV Europe in 2018 drew visitors from 144 countries. Photo: Koos Groenewold
The most recent edition of VIV Europe in 2018 drew visitors from 144 countries. Photo: Koos Groenewold

One show less on the international calendar in the years to come: the international feed milling show Victam and international animal husbandry VIV Europe, held once every 4 years, will partner in a joint event in 2022 in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

The combined show will be held from May 31 to June 2. Prior to this, Victam Europe used to be held in Cologne, Germany, the last edition being in 2019. VIV Europe has been held in Utrecht, the Netherlands for many years, the last having been held in 2018.

Steps in the VIV and Victam partnership

In 2019, initial steps were made in the partnership between the 2 brands. They announced their partnership for a joint event in South East Asia, called the ‘Victam and Animal Health and Nutrition Asia 2020’. This is about to take place in Bangkok, Thailand, 24-26 March, 2020.

In a press release, Sebas van den Ende, Victam general manager commented, “This means that the Victam International exhibition will move back from Cologne, Germany to its home country, the Netherlands, and where it all started in 1965, the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The setup of the exhibition is different from the setup in Asia as VIV Europe and Victam International will be co-located but with each exhibition in their own halls.”

Wider platform for animal husbandry

Equally hopeful was Heiko Stutzinger, director of VIV worldwide. In the same press release he said, “We are enthusiastic about the synergy and good cooperation that Victam and VIV have established. This partnership continues with a different programme in Europe, which will bring to the animal husbandry industry an even wider and richer platform in 2022. We look at the co-location of VIV Europe and Victam International as an important achievement after nearly 4 decades of independent growth and development of the respective events in Europe and in the world.”

Stutzinger added, “Today, the strong network of Victam in feed technology and animal feed processing, together with the ‘Feed to Food’ concept that VIV Europe is famous for, are ready to deliver a very complete and professional platform to exhibitors and visitors.”

Although in different countries, for intercontinental travellers the difference will not be enormous. Cologne and Utrecht are about 230km apart or a good 2.5 hour drive. Stand sales for the joint event will start in the autumn of 2020.

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