Victam Asia updates audience on GMP+

22-03-2016 | |
Victam Asia updates audience on GMP+
Victam Asia updates audience on GMP+

The innovations within GMP+ International and within the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme follow each other rapidly: co-creations, new businesses, extension of the GMP+ Feed Certification scheme. A seminar at Victam Asia will update the visitors on the latest developments.

Expert speakers are joining the seminar, of which Johan den Hartog and Mireille Tulp from GMP+ International and Rita Lye from Biomin.

Johan den Hartog spoke earlier with All About Feed about GMP+ certification. He explained: “Due to the international character of the animal feed industry, the wide variety of macro and micro ingredients, and the sometimes long supply chains, it is crucial that feed safety risks are controlled throughout the whole supply chain. Back in the 90s, some hard, lessons were learnt by the GMP+ FSA (Feed Safety Assurance) certified companies what we experienced with feed scares related to Cadmium and dioxins among others.

Incorporating the whole supply chain

In 1999 it was therefore decided to integrate HACCP into the GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance certification and to extend the scope of certification to the whole supply chain. These improvements were implemented between 2000 and 2003. These substantial adjustments were based on the principle that every entrepreneur in the feed chain is responsible for the safety of the feed products put on the market and for the services offered”.

Today, over 14,700 companies / locations are GMP+ FSA certified, located in over 75 countries in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor