VIV China 2014 embedded in livestock industry week

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VIV China 2014 embedded in livestock industry week

The 2014 edition of VIV China, held in Beijing 23-25 September, is embedded within an entire week of agricultural events.

The 8th edition of the show, which will focus on the entire feed-to-meat chain, will be held 23-25 in the New China International Exhibition Center, Shunyin, Beijing. About one third of the visitors are expected to come from outside China. Emphasis will be on top-level production, stated VIV market manager Ruwan Berculo.

“In promoting VIV China 2014, we have targeted the top-level producers from the seven largest provinces of China for the production of pork, poultry and fish. In this way we aim to receive and welcome the top 20% of the country’s larger farmers, traders and associated specialists. These people can come to the event to connect with the major technology providers from around the world in a comfortable business environment.”

He added, “China’s meat and egg industries are going through a transition driven by concerns about food safety. In fact I see a new phase taking place, in which Chinese investors in food production realise that they need better technology in order to address the food safety issues. It brings a real chance for international suppliers to sell products and systems to Chinese businesses, after a relative lull in recent years”.

Livestock industry week

The so-called China International Livestock Industry Week will kick off a little earlier than VIV China 2014, on Saturday, September 20. Key element here is the VIV China International Summit (VICS). The summit, held in the Kuntai Hotel Beijing, features three days of conferences, workshops and seminars, grouped by sector. For the pig sector, there is a China Pork Outlook 2015.

The schedule of this event includes:

  • Ma Chuang, Boyar Communication: China pig industry outlook 2015
  • Erik Rensink, Nutreco: Optimal feed intake of piglets starts at day 2
  • Gao Guan, CMA: Standardising of pig farm and equipment of scaled pig farming
  • Gao Guan, CMA: China hog slaughtering industry report
  • Liuxiaofeng, Boyar Communication: Dynamic of pig feed industry and outlook 2015

For other sectors, there is  a two-day International Poultry Forum , as well as an Aquatic China conference and a several all-specie feed-to-meat walk-in sessions.

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