Ward to test Kane Biotech technology

23-07-2008 | |

Kane Biotech Inc. has entered into a material transfer and evaluation agreement with Ward Industries Group of Monaghan, Ireland, a specialist provider and innovator of unique ingredients to the international human and pet food industries.


In the agreement, Ward Industries Group will be evaluating Kane Biotech’s
antibiofilm and antimicrobial technologies for the development of a novel
companion animal product.

The type of product and specific field of use
are not disclosed.

“The humanization of pet care is growing rapidly
around the world and we have embarked on a journey of innovation into this
market for the development of unique products,” stated Paul Ward, managing
director of Ward Industries.

“Ward has spent considerable time and
resources searching the world for antibiofilm and antimicrobial ingredients that
offer promise in the development of our unique companion animal offerings, and
we are very pleased to have the opportunity to evaluate Kane Biotech’s
technology and intellectual property for this international market

Ward Industries Group is a specialist provider of
high-quality, organic and non-organic niche ingredients, servicing and
fulfilling the food and pet food manufacturing industry’s needs.

company also provides a complete range of organic and non-organic ingredients to
international pet food manufacturers.

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