What’s new in the global feed business?

30-06-2017 | |
Photo: Dreamstime
Photo: Dreamstime

For this week, All About Feed wraps up the latest product and business updates from the global animal feed industry.

Biomar Group expands product range to Africa

BioMar Group has an increasing presence in Africa and is now launching a complete high performing range for tilapia and African catfish for African markets. In recent years, the growth of African catfish and tilapia farming has increased particularly in the African markets. For many years, BioMar has served the African markets from France by offering high performing starter and grower diets for these species. As farms become increasingly intensive, the need for a diet targeted for broodstock has grown. To meet this demand, BioMar France now expands its product range to cover all nutritional needs of these species at all stages of their life cycle by introducing broodstock feed type EFICO Genio 838F, available for all tilapia and African catfish farmers in Africa and other markets served by BioMar’s EMEA division. The EFICO Genio 838F includes the probiotic Bactocell®* and immune modulating ingredients.

Leiber Animal Nutrition expands global presence

Leiber GmbH’s Animal Nutrition Business Unit is strengthening its international sales activities with a range of new cooperation partners and continuing its expansion course. The new four distributors are: HyPro Feeds, Leiber’s new partner in India, Vet Line International, that is taking over the positioning of brewer’s yeast products on the Pakistani market, Chemtech S. A., to expand animal nutrition sales in Ecuador and Max Vital, to broaden sales activities in Sudan.

Evonik launches new software tool for aquaculture

Evonik is launching a new software tool (AMINOTilapia®), enabling the aquaculture industry to improve efficiency in tilapia farming through optimal feed formulation. The tool calculates the ideal amino acid recommendations for different growth stages of tilapia considering various production features. The software helps nutritionists to formulate diets that optimally meet the animals’ needs and improve feed conversion rate, that is the efficiency with which animals utilise nutrients. The tool is a step towards modern diets that are formulated to balance amino acids and reduce excess dietary protein, which is usually the most costly component in feed.

First edition FVG Select a success

The first edition of the new concept FVG Select, held in Cologne, Germany on 13 & 14 June 2017 was proven to be a success. Almost 1,000 visitors from 59 countries visited the event. The focus of FVG Select was networking, business match-making and gathering new industry knowledge. This was facilitated through an extensive conference and matchmaking program. The matchmaking program consisted of a combination of an online tool, which allowed exhibitors and visitors to plan their appointments very efficiently and a personal approach by Victam matchmaking consultants before and during the event and adding between 10-20% meetings to everyone’s schedule. Another new feature that was introduced during this event was the Victam News Room.

GEA brings feed automation to the barn

The new FRone automated feed pusher from GEA works around the clock to keep fresh, high-quality feed at the bunk, maximising your cows’ production potential while giving you back countless hours of valuable time. “Dairy farmers are always looking for innovative ways to keep labour costs down while boosting milk production and automated feed pushing is an easy way to do that,” says Eric Moscho, director of barn equipment sales with GEA North America. “Cows are more apt to increase their dry matter intake when feed is constantly available. The FRone keeps feed in front of cows day and night, increasing milk production and decreasing feed refusal.”

Lam An Trading is new distributor of Agrana

Lam An Trading (LAA Co., Ltd) has been appointed as distributor of ActiBeet® in Vietnam, following the recent successful registration of the product in the country. ActiBeet® is produced by AGRANA, a leading sugar producer in Central and Eastern Europe. The product ActiBeet® is extracted from sugar beet molasses and is a natural source of betaine used extensively in animal nutrition.

Norel opens new branch in Sao Paulo

Animal nutrition company Norel opens a Norel Brasil in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jorge Calil will be responsible for setting up the company and introducing Norel products into the Brazilian market. This will bring the opportunity to service directly Norel core products such as butyrates, medium chain fatty acid salts, organic minerals, flavours, preservatives, fats or rumen enhancers into the always so competitive Brazilian market. The Brazilian market is one of the main exporters of beef and poultry meat worldwide, currently exporting US$6,500 million and US$5,500 million respectively.

Hamlet Protein launches new product for young calves

HP RumenStart from Hamlet Protein is the first specialty soy protein proven to support healthy rumen development in young calves. Suitable for inclusion in pre-starter feed, it helps rose and rearing calves reach their slaughter weight earlier and gives heifers the best start to their life as a productive dairy cow. All at lower cost to producers. The company’s ruminant nutritionist Frank van de Kolk says: “Specialty soy proteins that are low in anti-nutritional factors, trypsin inhibitors and oligosaccharides have been used in calf milk replacer for a long time. But, until now, pre-starter feed has contained standard soybean meal, and this disturbs the development of the calf’s rumen. HP RumenStart is designed to avoid this issue – giving undisturbed rumen development and minimising the risk of a growth dip during weaning.

Baldo is 16,000th GMP+ FSA certified company

GMP+ International certification continues to grow and has recently welcomed its 16,000th GMP+ FSA certified company. The certificate number 16,000 has been granted to Baldo S.A. Comércio, Indústria e Exportação, a Brazilian company established in 1920. The company produces soy products and mate, a traditional South American caffeine-rich infused drink. The soy meal is processed in the plant of Encantado that has a production capacity of 600 tonnes/day. The main feed products are toasted soy meal, lecithin and degummed oil. Baldo also dedicates part of its production to the processing of non GMO soy.

Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor