WHO sets tolerable melamine levels

07-01-2009 | |

The World Health Organization (WHO) agreed that the tolerable daily intake for melamine for humans is 0.2 mg per kg body weight.

A researcher from the National Institute for Nutrition and Food Safety in
China, Chen Junshi, says, “WHO’s daily limit is a guideline for all countries to
control their melamine standards. It means normal people can consume up to 10 mg
melamine a day without any harmful effects. It also means the country’s existing
limit is safe.”

The EU’s standard for melamine is set at 0.5 milligrams,
Canada’s is at 0.35 milligrams and the FDA’s limited melamine in the United
States was at 0.63 milligrams (which was later changed to 0.063 milligrams

Melamine, a chemical compound, was the contaminant implicated in
the 2007 petfood recalls.