Woolworths denies causing cat deaths

12-03-2007 | Updated on 18-02 | |

Although the contaminant pet food scare seems to be over at Woolworths, claims are coming in that cats are not dying from eating Woolworth’s products. Woolworths is denying the claims.

This in the wake of reports that Port Shepstone resident Juanita Visser had lost lost six of her 12 cats after they had eaten Woolworths pet food. As a precaution the chain store has sent samples of the food, including those received from Visser, to laboratories in the United Kingdom and Germany for testing.

Two products contaminated
Last month, Woolworths withdrawn all Woolworths branded dry dog and cat food from its shelves, due to micro traces of a contaminant which has been identified in some batches of Woolworths labelled dry dog food. Extensive independent laboratory tests found that two dog food products had minute traces of ethylene glycol: Woolworths Senior and Woolworths Lite products. However, all other tests came back negative and without any traces of contamination.

Nothing to hide
“As far as we are currently aware, none of the illness or deaths can be attributed to the only two products that tested positive for ethylene glycol on February 13. We are doing everything in our power to try to get to the bottom of this. We even went as far as testing stock dating back from October and so far we have no fathomable proof that there is something wrong with our product,” said Julian Novak, head of Woolworths Foods.
“We understand it is a frustrating time for pet owners such as Juanita Visser and our sympathy goes out to them because we are pet owners ourselves. We are not trying to hide anything and as soon as we know something we will notify the media and all our customers who have been experiencing problems they believe were caused by our product. We will keep trying to get to the bottom of this and until then we cannot actually confirm anything,” said Novak.

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