Workshop “Milling” at IFF Germany

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The Research Institute of Feed Technology (IFF) in Braunschweig, Germany is conducting a workshop on Milling in feed compounding (in English) on 22 November 2010. This date is the Monday after EuroTier exhibition in Hannover ends and if you are still in the country worthwhile to attend.

Milling or grinding at present is one of the most discussed processing steps in animal feed manufacturing.
Energy costs have almost doubled in the past five years. Together with constructional developments like new milling systems and increasing awareness of plant and product safety these subjects challenge previously well-proven milling concepts.
With these developments choices for technological solutions in feed production have been enlarged.
An additional influence results from recent research findings which indicate direct coherences between structure qualities of compound feed and efficient livestock breeding.
During the workshop, new and further developments of milling and grinding equipment will be presented.
Also the technological and nutritional-physiological consequences which result from different particle-size distributions will be discussed.
Speakers will also elaborate on topics such as power consumption, range of application, and width and distribution of the desired and achievable feed structures.
Feed producers can use the advantages and limitations pointed out in the different milling alternatives for optimising that important process step in practice.
  • Comparing different milling methods of grain under consideration of comparable particle-size distributions and specific energy requirement – R. Löwe, IFF, Braunschweig
  • The influence of different feed structures on the technological properties of feedstuffs – A. Feil, IFF, Braunschweig
  • Optimising the particle-size structure of a pig-feed mixture rich in barley by stage grinding with hammer mill and subsequent crushing roller mill – T. Lucht, Amandus Kahl
  • Milling of dry and wet grain with a grinding machine with wedge-shaped discs – C. Fürll and T. Hoffmann, Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim
  • A structural approach in grinding – P. van Bommel, Van Aarsen International
  • Milling with regard to “Right structure at low costs” – A. Schultz, Bühler
  • Diets’ physical form (grinding intensity/mash vs. pellets) and its effects on nutrient digestibility as well as on the health of the gastrointestinal tract – J. Kamphues, Institute of Animal Nutrition of the University of Veterinary Medicine
  • Current possibilities of the particle characterisation in shape and size – K. Mootz, Sympatec
For registration and further information go to IFF website or email IFF

Dick Ziggers Former editor All About Feed
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