Yes, we beat France and Italy. What happened with Orange?

16-06-2008 | |
Harrij Schmeitz Agri & Food chains

It is not the individual skills that determine the quality of the final outcome, but the collaboration and skilled use each individual that leads to an optimum result. It is like with soccer. One can have fantastic players that perform outstanding on the international platform, but if they cannot perform together as a team the results will be likewise. A similar move is to be developed in the feed industry on the information technology level, but is the industry ready?

When I’m writing this blog I’m one of the Dutch who can’t believe what he saw last week on the soccer fields of the European Championship 2008 in Switzerland (and Austria). The Dutch national team (Orange for insiders), won its game against World Champion Italy and number two France. That was great!

But after this weekend en reading the newspaper I have it on paper: It really happened. But what also happens is that every analyst in the soccer world is given the same reason why our guys won.

It’s not the technical skills of the eleven players. It’s not the perfect strategy of our coach Marco van Basten. It’s something that happened in the team last month. It’s the team-feeling what we see. It’s the spirit to do something for each other. It’s the collaboration. It’s working together.

It’s something Rich Reynertson described in his latest blog on optimisation not on the one player (you) in the chain but optimise the chain. In his blog he already mentioned tools which are available for developing collaboration. I support that this is one way to start it up.

On the other hand I had totally no comment on my blog on Chain Information Management. Strange. Also this week I talked to the management of a Dutch feed maker who asked the same question.

What’s happening in data-interaction in the chain? We (the feed millers) are not the starting point but our suppliers of cereals etc. are. What’s happening here? I don’t know, but I’m sure something should happen to get the industry into the next phase.

Social networks
But there is more. Lets see what our guru’s from Gartner describe as being the most disruptive technologies that will change the business landscape. One of them is the "Social networks" and the software, which is used in this arena.

Think of Hyves or Facebook: Does everyone in your family has one?. Or on the business networks like Are you member of this business network? Better: is your recruiter in it to find your new staff?.

It’s clear for us digital natives that something is happening we have no feeling about. But it happens today. For us it’s a giant step; for mankind too. But for our sons and daughters it’s something like getting a new feature on their mobile phone.

Hear from you, Harrij

Ps. Good luck upcoming weeks if you have to play against Orange.

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