ZCME: Better moisture check prior to pelleting process

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ZCME: Better moisture check prior to pelleting process

Chinese feed system manufacturing company ZhengChang International Machinery and Engineering Co (ZCME) launched a new ‘Feed Quality Optimize System’ at this week’s edition of VIV China.

At the show, held 6-8 Sept, in Beijing, China, the Shanghai-based company showcased the new product which aims to monitor and enhance moisture levels during pelleting processes.
Moisture check
A moisture check after pelleting had already been part of the company’s portfolio but now ZCME completed its moisture control programme by adding a new moment of control prior to pelleting.
A high-precision moisture sensor will register any deficits in moisture level in the raw materials when in the conditioner and the cooler, after which moisture can be added by using steam. The sensor’s accuracy for moisture control reaches 0.5%.
The system is easy to operate through functional panels and a display interface.
In China, the product attained a national invention patent, a patent of utility mode and was appraised by specialists in 2009.
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