Zeigler issues voluntary recall shrimp feed

07-06-2007 | |

In cooperation with the US Food and Drug Administration, Zeigler Bros., Inc. is issuing a voluntary nationwide recall of its pelleted and crumbled shrimp feeds. Zeigler is recommending to customers to immediately stop feeding its pelleted and crumbled shrimp feed products.

The recalled products all include the feed ingredient
“AquaBond”, which has been found to contain the chemical melamine and related
compounds. AquaBond is a binding agent purchased in the United States by Zeigler
and used in its production of pelleted and crumbled shrimp feeds. It is used in
a much lower concentration than similar ingredients used in the recent US pet
food recall.

Zeigler is working closely with the FDA and with Uniscope,
Zeigler’s supplier for AquaBond, to provide timely product information and
immediate recall instructions to its customers to assure product safety. Zeigler
is not aware of any instances of ill health effects in shrimp fed with Zeigler
pelleted and crumbled shrimp feeds.


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