The gastro-intestinal tract (GIT) of farm animals is key to a healthy and profitable animal production. The GIT is the main organ that transforms valuable feed inputs into performance and finally into even more valuable animal products. Thus, maintaining and supporting a healthy GIT is a cornerstone of modern animal nutrition.

However, due to the intensity of modern production systems and the impact of stressful events, the GIT is constantly under challenge, leading to inflammation, disruptions in GIT health and losses in animal performance and welfare.

More than ever, balancing the immune system with the GIT microbiota and animal performance is the target of today’s and future sustainable animal production systems.

Dr Anja Pastor and Dr Tobias Steiner of Phytobiotics, have invited 7 renowned experts to share their knowledge and to provide insights into the interplay between the immune system, inflammation, the gut microbiota on the one hand, and animal health and performance on the other hand.

What you will learn in the Expert Series: