Market trends: Tryptophan stable but B12 continues to spike

13-10-2021 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

The price of tryptophan remains stable despite the movement among other amino acid prices. While on the B12 market, the price continues to spike around the world.


All over the world, buyers of amino acids have shifted their strategy from price optimisation toward securing shipments. With the increasing challenge of production in China due to slashed energy allocations and shipping shortages, producers and traders are shortening quote durations forcing buyers to make decisions more quickly and potentially with less information.


Unlike other amino acids, Tryptophan prices have remained stable and continue their trend downwards. Since a peak in March, prices decreased by 21% and forward prices entered into Glowlit show that trend continues onward.


Vitamin B12 has seen a significant rally in the last 3 weeks all over the world. Just in the last 2 weeks, the price of Vitamin B12 0.1% increased by 33% and Vitamin B12 1% increased by 47%. Looking at the forward contracts entered into Glowlit, this spike is mainly affecting spot buyers pushed to benchmark a deal for prompt delivery.

B12 1%

Buyers that secured stock or arranged a contract are undoubtedly watching price movements closely anticipating the moment that they will need to re-enter the market.

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