Market trends: Vitamins E50 and B6 and corn gluten meal

01-10-2021 | |
Market trends: Vitamins E50 and B6 and corn gluten meal Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

This week’s feed additive market update looks at movements on the markets for Vitamins E50 and B6, plus the trend using corn gluten meal as a protein alternative.

Vitamin E50 forward contracts closing at higher rate

Last week saw significant changes in the price of forward contracts for deliveries in Europe. While the included chart shows the current price and decreasing trend since June of this year, the forward contracts being delivered in the future shows an increase in price for purchases made very recently.

Vitamin E50 prices

Corn gluten meal substitutes scarce protein sources

Localised shortages of protein sources like fish meal have sent buyers in search of alternatives. Corn gluten meal 60% is a replacement rich in protein.

Corn Gluten meal trends

Forward contract prices entered into Glowlit show a significant price increase for November deliveries. Until new fish meal supply becomes available we may continue to see significant volatility among alternative protein sources.

Feedstocks cause price increases for Vitamin B6

Last week saw a spike in the number of deals being reported on Pyridoxine HCL (Vitamin B6). After a decreasing price trend over the last 9 months, a sharp 148% increase in the price of Yellow Phosphate – a key feedstock in the production of B6 – in just one month caused producers of Vitamin B6 to stop quoting offers.

Vitamin B prices
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