Price trends of Lysine and Folic acid

28-07-2021 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

This weeks feed additive update takes a look at the latest developments in the prices of Lysine and Folic acid.

High shipping costs have essentially countered the lower prices of Lysine seen from Chinese producers. Delivered prices of goods coming from China have either remained steady or increased due to the overwhelming impact of freight, pushing Chinese producers to lower prices even further to avoid being stuck with stock. Both US and European buyers have turned to liquid lysine produced locally. In June, ADM ended the production of dry l-lysine HCl 98%, and will instead shift its focus to the production of l-lysine liquid 50%. Korean producer Daesang recently received EU authorization to sell liquid lysine, further adding to availability in Europe.

Lysine and Folic acid

In the Global Opportunities Map, we see considerably higher prices for l-lysine HCl 98% across the Americas and Russia relative to the rest of the world. Across these locations, L-lysine is 15-20% higher than the global average price. The global average price of l-lysine has decreased by 17.9% since March 2021. If we look back on the last 15 years of l-lysine prices we see the highest price in April 2011 at 3.23 USD/KG.

Wide spread in folic acid prices

Sellers have reported increased costs as a key raw material in the production of folic acid remains in tight supply. Glowlit shows that the global average price of folic acid has been increasing since May 2021, with a staggering 18.4% increase just since last week. In the last week, prices benchmarked on Glowlit varied by more than 50%, indicating remaining stocks of material at the end of the supply chain. Looking back at Glowlit’s historical data for folic acid, we see that July 2019 showed a record high price at 116 USD/KG.

Lysine and Folic acid
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