Significant market trends for L-Lysine and Choline Chloride

08-09-2021 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

This weeks update looks at the most significant market trends for L-Lysine and Choline Chloride.

Lysine Sulfate

Buyers of Lysine Sulfate that stayed connected to their phones throughout the month of August managed to get a better deal than those that bought in July. The forward contract deliveries on these deals indicate a forthcoming decline in price come September. Deals being signed now indicate a subsequent increase.

The Glowlit community will soon have the opportunity to view forward trends directly in graph form. The price of L-Lysine Sulfate, 6 months ago was a whopping 19% below what it is today. Would you have done something different with a view on forward prices then?

Choline Choloride

US-based buyers that managed to place an order for Choline Chloride 60% at the end of August got a 9% discount compared to those that bought towards the beginning of the same month. Forward contracts entered into Glowlit show a reversal of this downward trend in September. If we look at the last 6 months of Choline Chloride prices in the US, we see that prices went up by 35% and that the 770 USD/MT trades we saw just a year ago are now a distant memory.

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