Threonine prices rise & anti-dumping ruling on Vitamin C

08-10-2021 | |
Threonine and vitamin c Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

This week’s feed additive market update looks at the rising price for Threonine and India’s anti-dumping ruling against China regarding Vitamin C.

Prices for Threonine not seen since 2015

As Threonine forward contracts continue to close at increasingly higher prices, we’re witnessing prices that have not been seen by the industry since 2015.


Glowlit’s forward data shows that buyers who signed long term contracts in July and August are receiving containers of material at significantly lower rates than the current market. Some are paying a whopping 14.9% less than the current price. The forward contracts for deals show Q1 prices are much higher on average than today’s price.

India imposes anti-dumping regulations for Vitamin C

India’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced a final anti-dumping ruling last month on all forms of vitamin C originating or imported from China, with a recommendation to impose duties for the next 5 years.

Vitamin C

Indian Vitamin C buyers will need to adjust their costs to the new tariffs in India while prices continue to soar all over the world. The average price of Vitamin C globally increased by 7% in the last month. Prices in the coming months keep trending upwards for confirmed deliveries.

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