US Methionine price decreased by 14.4%

01-09-2021 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

This week’s feed additives update looks at the latest developments of methionine and vitamin C.

The average price of methionine decreased by 14.4% in the last month in the US alone, but prices in the US are still among the highest in the world.


Additionally, according to the data coming into Glowlit, there is a significant difference in price at the same volume depending on the delivery date. This could be an indicator of price fluctuations to come.

The impact of coronavirus

Even as prices decline around the world, the continued impact of the coronavirus delta variant on supply chains creates uncertainty.

On 23 August, it was reported that the Malaysian government is requiring factories to work with 50% employee capacity in order to slow the spread of Covid-19. Methionine supply from the CJ Malaysia factory will be directly impacted from this disruption.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C decreased by 1.5%

The average price of vitamin C in the US has decreased by 1.5% in the last month, continuing a trends seen for several months. In January of this year, the price of vitamin C stood at 9.8 US$ /KG.

The Glowlit data shows significant price differences depending on volume. Buyers capable of purchasing a full container stand to benefit from the price decrease. However, smaller volumes purchased locally show significantly higher prices.

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