Global Feed Safety Summit announces first day goals

16-11-2021 | |
Global Feed Safety Summit announces first day goals

The latest and future trends in feed safety and supply. That will be the focus on the first day of the 3-day Global Feed Safety Summit organized by GMP+ International and All About Feed and scheduled to take place from 6-8 April 2022. Explore our programme and register now for the event that will shape the future of feed safety.

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The Global Feed Safety Summit will take place in Germany’s Berlin Congress Center. During the event, keynote speakers will share their thoughts on the future of feed safety in a dynamic environment and will engage in a dialogue with the audience. Join this not-to-be-missed event to engage in and discuss the many facets of sound, certified and safe feed for trusted food production.

Day 1, Wednesday 6 April 2022 – Food for thought

Let’s start out by exploring the many challenges currently facing the feed and food chain. You’ll hear from renowned international experts about the current state of feed safety, market developments, and other topics that will leave their mark on the industry in the decades to come. These topics will include subjects on climate change and sustainability, the circular economy, globalization, and regional sourcing. The following will be covered in dedicated sessions:

  • Feed supply chain – economic and market developments, challenges and dynamics to sustain and secure food production globally.
  • The trends in food safety and sustainability in the coming decade and the possible consequences for the animal feed industry.
  • Feed safety and sustainability in relation to animal nutrition through a circular economy.
  • Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy.
  • Global supply chain versus regional sourcing – conditions, limits and uncertainties.
  • Threats and challenges for sufficient food supply and the impact for feed and food safety.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in chief Poultry World